OPINION: Media, schools and self-seeking politicians by Atty. Oliver Olaybal

At the forefront of the Marcos burial hullabaloo are radio-TV networks, Metro Manila schools and misguided politicians.

They denigrate former president Ferdinand E. Marcos over the conduct of his presidency.

The “enlightened” schools provide manpower for the detractors.


They mouth slogans, vilification and diatribes against someone they never came to know in their lifetime, or since birth.

It is not clear though who finances this regimentation of manpower and sloganeering that detracts from actual issues of the day.

Some politicians, left or right, inappropriately take advantage of the groundswell of scholastic upheaval on the Marcos burial issue.

It is doubtful if these people who want to divide the country realize the irrelevance of their cause.

As to killings, the number of Filipinos killed in the “war against drugs” in the last five months are nearly treble the number of those killed during martial law some 44 years ago.

The oncoming UN rapporteurs will have occasion to confirm this.

The lives of the bigger number of Filipinos who get killed today are not any less significant than those who got killed four decades ago.

As to possible misuse of public funds, the funds of the Philippine revolutionary government held by Gen. Antonio Luna that irretrievably passed into the hands of Ysidra Cojuangco were not any less valuable than the funds of the martial law administration.

Would not these activists also denounce to high heavens both Antonio and Ysidra for failure to return to the revolutionary government the funds that Antonio had left to Ysidra?

And would not the present Congress conduct a congressional inquiry into the illicit affair between the two, given the Congressmen’s “high moral standard?”

What is not discussed in public conversations carried by the mass media is that Marcos earned billions of dollars by way of commissions in black gold transactions (petroleum oil).

The commodity was imported into the Philippines over the years by private oil companies.

His dollar commissions were salted abroad.

These were private funds belonging to private oil companies.

The crime committed was at the least influence peddling, not malversation of public funds.

As to authoritarianism, declared martial rule is not any different from de facto martial law.


Where people get killed today without undergoing court trial, the undeclared authoritarian rule is as abominable as declared martial rule.

It is not even safe now to be seeking help from the powers that be.

The Odicta spouses were gunned down after seeing the DILG secretary.

Mayor Espinosa got killed after he reported to the PNP Chief and was allowed to spend a week at the White House in Camp Crame.

No one could be sure now as to the eventual fate of Ronnie Dayan.

The Marcos detractors are not complaining against the authoritarianism of today.

They appear to be tolerant of today’s killings but intolerant of killings that took place 44 years ago.

The previous killings must be more pernicious than the killings of today.

The country need not be distracted from the real issues of today.

And our children need not be misled on issues they do not understand. (November 25, 2016)

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