OPINION: The Pilferage of Patrimony (2nd of 2 parts) by VS Perdigon

On September 2-6, 2013 a roadshow was conducted in the 3 cities and 15 municipalities to present C2C and PSP to the people of Albay.


On Day 1 of the roadshow PSP was a mere motherhood.

As each day passed it copied C2C until on Day 5 PSP presenters were mouthing almost C2C.

Sec. Petilla assured equal use of funds and facilities but ALECO management used them solely for PSP.

The Secretary also assured non-interference from politicians but the latter usurped a large part of the speaking time.

The most obvious bias for PSP was manifested by Mayors John Dycoco of Libon and Noel Rosal of Legazpi.

They spoke in behalf of PSP presenters.

The referendum on C2C and PSP was held on September 14, 2013 but it was marred with vote-buying, voter hauling, voting center relocation and use of government vehicles in favor of PSP.

C2C advocates were informed by NEA two days prior that if they had complaints about the referendum a filing fee of P750, 000.00 must be paid.

When this matter was raised in subsequent occasions, a diocesan priest, blamed the pro-C2C.

He said, we had known all along that politicians had always bought votes in political exercises and still we engaged them in their own game.

Never mind that the Church has always spoken against vote-buying and never against its victims.

This time, the Diocese, through another priest, declared that if there was evidence, a case should be filed. The evidence was obtained by Fr. Mon Urizza, CSsR of the Redemptorist Church in Gogon, Legazpi City.

It was a video of a sample ballot with attached P20 shown to him by one voter who admitted it was given to him so that he would vote for PSP.

This time, the Diocese did not inquire motu proprio into the allegation of vote-buying.

It did not believe a priest who showed the evidence.

Instead, it obliged the pro-C2C to prove our case in court, as if it was still not seen how even the courts have been co-opted by the pro-PSP.

All these can be explained by the simple fact that the Bishop was the head of the ALECO Interim Board of Directors which NEA, on February 1, 2013 during a board meeting had coerced into choosing PSP.

Between September 14 and October 29, 2013 ALECO IBOD and SMC haggled on the content of the contract.

Six items in the Terms of Reference were revised in favor of SMC.

The worst revision is on the payment of the debt to PEMC.

According to Provision 7.2, ALECO is the one to pay instead of SMC.

ALECO will get the amount from 50% of a positive “net cash flow” every month.

The other 50% will be kept by SMC.

So, Albayanos were already burdened with debt but San Miguel Corporation schemed to profit from the payment of such debt!

To pay for the P4.05 B debt, Albayano consumers must generate P8.1 B.

The debt to PEMC has grown to P6.2 B but the source for the balance of P2.15 B is not specified in the CA and it will be added to P8.1 B for a total amount of P10.25 B!

PSP just increased the burden of Albayanos from P4.05 B in 2013 to P10.25 B in 2016!

That burden will continue to increase every month that there is no positive net cash flow.

The Concession Agreement was neither presented to voters nor ratified by ALECO member-consumers.

The referendum on September 14, 2013 cannot be the ratification because the document was non-existent at the time.

The Concession Agreement came into existence only on October 29, 2013.

A document that has not been written cannot be ratified as a baby who is not yet born cannot be baptized.

APEC of San Miguel Corporation was incorporated the following month, on November 19, 2013.

Today we know that PSP and APEC have no social acceptability.

That is something they cannot pilfer! (December 15, 2016)

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