PH warned on Chinese debt trap

Legazpi City (April 17, 2017) – A former security official warned the Philippine government of Chinese intentions regarding its latest aid package to the country.


Speaking in a television interview over ANC, former National Security Adviser Roilo Golez cautioned government policy-makers of what he called the “Chinese debt trap.”

Golez explained that the People’s Republic of China has now implemented a “charm offensive” to various neighbours not only in Southeast Asia but also in the Indian Ocean.

He reminds the administration that China remains a claimant of territories in the West Philippine Sea some of which are part of the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone.

The former legislator remarked that China have already implemented such foreign policy to countries some of which have fallen to its set-up.

Golez cited some economic woes of Sri Lanka which he believes are results of their mishandling of Chinese loans granted to them.

He evaluates that the Sri Lankan government may now be beholden to Chinese influence because of the former’s failure to properly implement the payment of the loans.

The former naval officer offered a solution for the Philippines citing the advances of Vietnam.

Golez expounded that Vietnam despite its recovery from war, was able to thwart any influential attempts by China.

He said that Vietnam balanced its economic and defense programs making it a force in the region China should contend with.

With this, Golez, who is also a university professor, suggested that the Philippines may adopt the Vietnam strategy if it were to remain firm in protecting its territory and its interests. (J. Garalde)